Help: Dial String to G100

Hi Guys,
I have Asterisk + G100. I can already receive calls from the G100 with an E1.
My problem is how to dialout to the G100. Is there a special
magical incantation for the Dial() for the G100?

In my sip.con, I have

description=Digium G100

In my extensions.conf, I have

exten=>_1X.,n, Dial(SIP/g100/${EXTEN},20)

It should work, right? It doesn’t. Would appreciate any pointers. TIA.

I think you should change type=peer and though that dialstring should work, I usually use something like SIP/${EXTEN}@g100. Any chance of using a static IP rather than dynamic?

Thanks for this. More questions.

I have an E1 (30 channels). I want to use a particular channel. How do I indicate what particular channel to use in dialstring?
Say channel 5, would that be


I’m assuming that the G100 is a single port Digium gateway, correct? If so, I’m not sure outside of programming it in the routing within the gateway.

Yup, the G100 is a single port. I have a PRI but only 6 channels (6 phone numbers) are active as of now. It will take us some time to move all our other numbers to the PRI.

In the G100 debug, i see the message “Channel unavailable” when I use the dial command you recommended. I am presuming that it is attempting to use an inactive channel.

If you know you’re only using Channels 1-6 as Bearer and 30 for Data, you’ll need to log in to the G100, Go to Configuration, then T1/E1, Click the Port 1 tab, in the Signaling section, change the Channel Summary and mark the other B-Channels as Unavailable. I think that should do it.

The combination of host=dynamic and insecure=invite makes no sense from a security point of view; it looks like copy and paste from a cookbook for use with host=address and an ITSP. canreinvite is deprecated.