Configuring Dial Plan for Outgoing Call with x100P Card


I’m newbie on asterisk, I installed a Asterisk 11.8.1 and a X100P Card OEM, I’m trying to configure card for PSTN outgoing calls (Incoming calls are working), The card was detected by asterisk, here the configuration:

dahdi_genconf -v

Default parameters from /etc/dahdi/genconf_parameters
Generating /etc/dahdi/assigned-spans.conf
Generating /etc/dahdi/system.conf
Generating /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf

nano /etc/dahdi/system.conf

Autogenerated by /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf on Wed Mar 12 16:27:08 2014

If you edit this file and execute /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf again,

your manual changes will be LOST.

Dahdi Configuration File

This file is parsed by the Dahdi Configurator, dahdi_cfg

Span 1: WCFXO/0 “Generic Clone Board 1” (MASTER)


Global data

loadzone = us
defaultzone = us

nano /etc/asterisk/dahdi-channels.conf

; Autogenerated by /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf on Wed Mar 12 16:27:08 2014
; If you edit this file and execute /usr/sbin/dahdi_genconf again,
; your manual changes will be LOST.
; Dahdi Channels Configurations (chan_dahdi.conf)
; This is not intended to be a complete chan_dahdi.conf. Rather, it is intended
; to be #include-d by /etc/chan_dahdi.conf that will include the global settings

; Span 1: WCFXO/0 “Generic Clone Board 1” (MASTER)
;;; line="1 WCFXO/0/0 FXSKS (In use) (EC: MG2 - INACTIVE)"
channel => 1

*CLI> dahdi show status
Description Alarms IRQ bpviol CRC Fra Codi Options LBO
Generic Clone Board 1 OK 0 0 0 CAS Unk 0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1)

*CLI>dahdi show channel 1
Channel: 1
File Descriptor: 9
Span: 1
Dialing: no
Context: from-pstn
Caller ID:
Calling TON: 0
Caller ID subaddress:
Caller ID name:
Mailbox: none
Destroy: 0
InAlarm: 0
Signalling Type: FXS Kewlstart
Radio: 0
Confno: -1
Propagated Conference: -1
Real in conference: 0
DSP: no
Busy Detection: no
TDD: no
Relax DTMF: no
Dialing/CallwaitCAS: 0/0
Default law: ulaw
Fax Handled: no
Pulse phone: no
Gains (RX/TX): 0.00/0.00
Dynamic Range Compression (RX/TX): 0.00/0.00
DND: no
Echo Cancellation:
128 taps
currently OFF
Wait for dialtone: 0ms
Actual Confinfo: Num/0, Mode/0x0000
Actual Confmute: No
Hookstate (FXS only): Offhook

[color=#0000FF]When I try to dial an external number from the sip extension 1000, I receive the following error:[/color]

== Using SIP RTP CoS mark 5
[Mar 12 16:34:21] NOTICE[2435][C-0000000c]: chan_sip.c:25632 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘1000’ ( to extension ‘92226958’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘from-sip’.

[color=#0000FF]This is the code that added to the end of the file extensions.conf:[/color]

exten => 1000,1,Dial(SIP/1000,15,Trt)
exten => 1001,1,Dial(SIP/1001,15,Trt)

exten=> 1000,1,dial(dahdi/1,20,Trt)
exten=> 1000,1,hangup


exten => _9.,1,Dial(DAHDI/1/${EXTEN:1},45)

exten => _9.,n,Hangup


exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/1000,45)

exten => s,n,Hangup

[color=#0000BF]Please, any ideas?[/color]

The message is correct, it is in “outgoing”, not in “from_sip”. Make sure that is is either physically there, or included in it. See the sample file for examples.

Incidentally, the problem has nothing to do with the hardware or dahdi configuration.