Help creating a time condition for monday through friday

Hello everyone. I need help in creating a time condition for an inbound route to allow calls to forward to IVR outside business hours. I have the routing part working however after friday, when saturday comes it passes calls to the queue and thus the party on the phone hears ringing. I need help specifying the weekend part on time conditions starting Friday at 5pm it will forward to my afterhours IVR until monday at 9AM.

Any help would be appreciated as I know this is a simple configuration… But no luck, im just not informed =)

Thanks so much

Shawn Gallagher
Scriptraxx, Inc.

Time-Based Conditional Branching is done using GotoIfTime(), The syntax for the GotoIfTime() application looks like this:


If you are using FreePBX gui you will need to take look to this guide

Im confused on your answer. I am trying to find out what I would enter into the configuration because I am missing information obviously. I have read the wiki of that but I am still confused. Here is a screenshot.

You wont find FreePBX support on this forum , I suggest you post your questions on

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Ok Great. Sorry about the confusion.