[HELP] Cisco 7920 stuck on Connecting to CallManager 0

I can see the phone request the cnf, firmware, OS7920.txt and the xmlDefault.CNF.XML files via tftp. I don’t have the firmware file. But, unless someone tells me otherwise, this shouldn’t be a problem since I configured the OS7920.txt file to be the same firmware version as what is already on the phone. After it requests the files, the phone remains on “Connecting to CallManager 0.” It will intermittently try “Connecting to CallManager 5” only to return to 0. The funny thing is, when I look at the configuration on the phone, there is no CallManager 0. There is CallManager 1-5 and 1 is set to the IP of my asterisk server. Any help is much appreciated! Here are the config files.



I have commented the noload for the skinny module in the modules.conf.

; Sample phone ‘Wireless’ on extension 2123
type = 7920
autologin = Wireless
description = Wireless
context = sccp

id = 2123
Label = Wireless
description = Wireless
context = default
callwaiting = 1
mailbox = 2123
callerid = “Wireless”, <2123>


2000 {Jan 01 2002 00:00:00} English_United_States en United_States 0