[HELP]: Can I Use Asterisk For This Application?


I’m posting this to see if there’s a way this can be achieved using Asterisk.

I have done a lot of work using Dialogic cards and conventional telephony to receive messages from Alarm Systems in the field. I now have a customer who wants to know whether the delivery of these signals can be via IP/VoIP.

Currently, the setup is this: an Alarm Panel, connected to an analogue line, has built into it a “Dialler”, which makes a voice call (dialling using DTMF) to a “Receiver” (either a [very expensive] custom piece of hardware or a system having telephony capability, e.g. Dialogic).

Briefly, having dialled the receiver, the Receiver sends a “go-ahead” tone, after which the Dialler repeatedly sends its [very short] data, until such time as the Receiver sees the same data twice. At this point, the Receiver sends a “kiss-off” tone to the dialler, which acknowledges the data. The Dialler then hangs up the call.

All straightforward in-band DTMF EXCEPT THAT the receiver generates special single-frequency tones for its go-ahead and kiss-off signals.

Can anyone tell me if this is a scenario that Asterisk could cope with, please?

Yes - it can. You can generate tones, asterisk has some DSP modules, which you of course can extend…
In Asterisk you can generate any dialplan, you can use scripts