[HELP] Can hear two ring tones when calling outbound


I’ve got * 1.2.5 connected to a PRI with a Sangoma card. Everything seems to be working but when we make an outbound call we get the BT / Standard ringing sound but we also get a second ringing sound overlaid on top. The annoying overlay ring sound has its rings about 3-4 seconds apart.

If i dial a wrong number the overlaid ring intrudes into the BT lady saying “the number you have dialed is pants, please try again”. So it seems as if * is having trouble detecting something.

I was thinking I have set a default or region code wrong somewhere. I did set
DEFAULT_ZONE_TONE 4, which I think is correct for the UK, in zconfig.h before I compiled it.
I have set loadzone=uk and defaultzone=uk in zaptel.conf

I don’t have “r” or “R” in any of my outbound dial statements.

This is bugging me now, please help?


Zaptel = 1.2.4, LibPri = 1.2.2