I’m new to this forum, I have searched but found nothing on my issue.

I have been having issues with my IVR and incoming routes since upgrading FPBX to 12.0.65 and Asterisk 11.17.1

Calls are getting stuck in the IVR and are unable to dial out of it (press 1 for such, 2 for and, 3 for things). Sometimes on a button press the IVR “pauses” before resuming but most times it’s like nothing happens.

I made some recordings of calls from a number that is able to pass through the IVR and from a number that can’t. I noticed that the DTMF in the one that can’t make it out was lower than the other. Much less audible. So I was working with the hardware vendor who supplies the card that handles DTMF. Working with them I made changes to the rx gain on a wanpipe level as well as a DAHDI level. Same results in both cases. I then made changes to Echo Cancellation, disabling and enabling while changing rx gain. Nothing changed.

I was recently made aware that the issue started when the newest versions of * and FBPX were applied.

I have plenty of information on this from working with the hardware vendor, so please if you would tell me what you would like to see I will provide it, there was just a lot of information to go posting it all.