[HELP] Auto attendant Setup

I’m new to * so bear with me. I have it up and running with AAH. I have FWD setup to handle outgoing toll free numbers and Telasip for a local phone number and outgoing ITSP. I’m using a softphone (Express Talk) on 2 computers in the office.

I can call between the 2 softphones. I can call into the system on my telasip local phone number. I can call out and it will choose to send through either FWD or Telasip via dialing rules. All confirmed with * cli.

FYI. I have done everything so far from the wiki and the nerd vittles articles and other googleing. I have no linux or VoIP experiance.

My problem is getting the digital receptionist to work. Right now I can only get it to ring to extension 200. It seems to not care about the settings in AMP Incoming calls. If I dont have my softphone set to extension 200. I get a busy when calling in.

From one article I was told to put this in my extensions_custom.conf (my phone number obviously)

exten => 9495555555,1,NoOp(Incoming call on TelaSIP #9495555555)
exten => 9495555555,2,Dial(local/200@from-internal,20,m)
exten => 9495555555,3,VoiceMail(200@default)
exten => 9495555555,4,Hangup

So I guess the question is how do I configure this thing to allow the Incoming calls part of AMP to work?


I’ve changed my extension_custom.conf to this:
exten => 9495555555,1,NoOp(Incoming call on TelaSIP #949555555)
exten => 9495555555,2,Goto(menu-SysSpeed,s,1)

and it goes into that routine. But how do I get it to let the AMP “incoming Calls” feature take over?

Also I search all through the oreilly book for the function NoOp. What is it? What’s it do?

exten => 94955555,1,NoOp(Incoming call on TelaSIP #9495555555)
exten => 94955555,2,Goto(from-pstn,s,1)

Hey that sorta works…I think.

Is this the correct way to do it?

Can I setup an incoming route through AMP?

Sorry, I don’t know much about asterisk@home. While your question is fairly simple in a generic sense, it probably depends completely on how asterisk@home expects the various custom pieces of your dial plan to integrate with their framework. There are a couple of places where there are a lot of people that DO know about it though:


and voxilla.com/PNphpBB2-viewforum-f-17.html

I mention the voxilla site because the nerd vittles guy hangs out there (user AlexanderBell), so he may be of help.

Regarding noop – it’s just that: no operation. It simply prints out its arguments to the console.

A great google search to do is this: site:www.voip-info.org (e.g., site:www.voip-info.org noop). This will search the GREAT voip-info wiki for your term, and if it’s a well-known asterisk term, you’ll find it!


edit: fixed wrong (AMP instead of A@Home) page reference