[HELP] Asterisk extensions.conf routing?


I am trying to get Asterisk functioning as a system that has SIP and IAX DID’s going in, answers the calls, prompts and then lets a user dial a long distance or international number and connect.

Anyway, I know how to strip digits from the front of the dialstring by using EXTEN, but how do I strip digits and add new ones?

i.e Caller dials 00 61 123456789

BUT… I want to dial it like 011 61 123456789 on my IAX/SIP trunks.

How do I strip the 00, then add 011 onto the front?

I can’t find it in the manual, and it’s quite an important question especially for novices!

P.S. If anyone is really kind and has any conf files for a similar implementation, let me know!


Try using Dial(…/011${EXTEN:2})

Will give it a go, that makes sense!

Thanks :smile: