[SOLVED] Hide outbound numbers

Hi, I consult for a problem that I cannot solve.
I just set up a sip trunk for international calls to a specific country.
I need the user to dial 00 + the country code, 00 is not sent by the asterisk, just send the prefix but I can’t do it.
My extension.conf is as follows:
exten => _90033X.,1,Dial({GLOBAL(TRUNK_INTERNATIONAL_F)}/{EXTEN},120,TtrwW)
Currently I’ve configured for international calls should press 9 to have telephone output + 00 to indicate that it’s an international call and leave by the local provider.
I’ve read the dialing rules but I am failing something, could you help me?


Please markup your dialplan is preformatted text using the forum </> button.

The sample extensions.conf contains several examples of stripping excess routing digits from the front of numbers being dialed.

Thanks for the observation and I searched as you told me.
I found a reference and was able to solve one of the problems by putting the value 3 in the extend variable.


Thank you.

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