Have a protocol to control SIP Phone,and send command to it?

I looking a way to send command to Phone (Hardware) itself to make a call, rather than make Originate it from the Asterisk.

That would have significant security implications; you could use the facility to bug a room.

There might be ways of having the phone auto-answer and then redirecting it, but that would require specific, product dependent, configuration on the phone and going into areas of Asterisk that are not well tested.

My gut feeling is that, if you need to ask, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.

what you think about Dial plan that each agent hold on one Meetme room, and when call is come, I can join it to the room of agent by Meetme command?

I think you need to be more clear what you are trying to achieve as I can’t reconcile the last comment with the original question.

Many phones Snom and Mitel spring to mind, That allow calls to be established from a HTTP post to the phone. SOme years ago I wrote a widget that did just this for Mitel handsets. You entered the required number and clicked call and the call was made.

This shouldnt be too hard as long as you get the correct phones


for SNOM I find:
kb.snom.com/kb/index.php?View=en … EntryID=40

for example(all done with physical handset lifting!!)): ;this make dial tone ;this dial
and hangup by: ;this cancel dial tone tone