A couple of questions


I need to install an Asterisk system for someone who has 6 Analogue lines.

I have been told to use a Sangoma card because if I use TDM04B and TDM02B I need 6 IRQ’s. Sangoma Card only needs 1 IRQ.

Also, he said Sangoma Card gives better quality?

However, I would really like to support Digium and use their hardware - tell me, would a celeron 2.5Ghz / 512Mb support Asterisk with 6 Lines? Or would I need to go for a Pentium 4 or higher?

Thanks for your help.


whoever told you that a card uses 6 IRQs for 6 lines is dead wrong.

the Sangoma and Digium cards each use 1 IRQ. As for quality, I prefer Sangoma, but I’m also using quad-span T1 cards, not the smaller analog cards.

the machine you are spec’ing could easily handle 6 calls, and probably two or three times that with ease.

whoiswes, thats some GREAT news!!!

Thanks alot for your assistance.

Further comments from others also welcome of course.

either one should work fine. You are unlikely to have irq issues with digium hardware unless your machine is REALLY screwy. I’ve used the TDMxx series in a handful of old scrappy machines (100-500mhz) and i have yet to see a real problem with irq’s. Sangoma card will use one irq for your setup (one PCI card w/ two remora daughterboards), digium will use two (two PCI cards). This shouldn’t cause a problem.

Sangoma cards (esp. the ones with onboard echo canceller (which costs quite a bit more than the usual A200)) seem to do better out of box on crappy, echoing POTS lines from what I’m told. Personally I haven’t used them, but have used the TDMxx series… Mark2 echo canceller with aggressive echo suppression seems to work great.

Your celeron system is plenty powerful. I have an * box running on a pentium2-266 with 128mb ram; the max i’ve ever gotten it to is I think 12 active channels all going into meetme (conferences use up a lot of cpu). No audio drops, no problems. Every 8 or 9 months the poewr goes out for a few hours and i have to reboot it, other than that I forget that it’s there.

Good luck with your system!