Hardwares for inbound only call center with max 50 agents

Dear all

To minimize the total cost of setting up inbound only call center + CRM using only opensource free options, Kindly please recommend the hardware specs .

as far as I could think

  1. server - no idea about any economy server which can support max 50 agents and E1 digium PCI-E card.

  2. softphones, free zoiper softphone has no call transfer or forward feature. is it ok to work with zoiper for call center?

  3. Client laptop spec? Core i3,5 or 7? Windows 7 ok?

  4. what else?


  1. Please Read Server hardware need for your asterisk Version. E1 = TE420, Digium
  2. You can use X-Lite Free Soft Phone.
  3. Any one, win 7.