Hardware needed / recommended


i am totally new to asterisk. We however want to try the system, and we are not sure what hardware is best to use.

We would need hardware that supports two external lines and 8 internal extensions minimum.

Can anyone help?



Any P4 2GHz (or better), 512MB RAM (or better), with a 20GB Hard drive (or better) will be fine for your install.

You will need a two FXO port analog card to connect to the incoming phone lines. If the internal phones are /will be SIP based then they will just run off an ethernet connection plugged into a hub. If going with analog phones you will need an 8 FXS port card or a channel bank.

For the analog cards I suggest using Digium cards. They cost a lottle more than the clone cards but they work much better and they include free tech support from Digium.

thanks a lot.

we will try as you suggest