Hardware Recommendations Please!

Hi Everyone,

I am looking at setting up Asterisknow for a small motel with 12 units.
We want to keep the 12 existing pots analogue phones as there is only 2 core phone cable to the units.

I want to purchase new hardware and keep costs reasonable but keep reliability high. If I can do so while maintaining reliability I would be quite keen on an Eeee PC (or custom ITX with a recommended motherboard) so I can achieve an hour of battery backup via a UPS. I can use a regular server PC though if need be. I am nervous of Eeee and ITX in case I have network card driver issues.

I am looking at a couple of Hypertone or Grandstream FXS gateways for the 12 rooms and would appreciate feedback on whether these are compatible and how the quality goes.

The idea is to buy the easiest to setup reliable gear I can without going crazy on price.

Many Thanks in advance!