Hardware question


Here is the lab environment;

Cisco 2620, with NM-2V installed…can either have 2fxo or 2e/m vic installed

Asterisk@home on linux - P111 intel with 256MB RAM

I want to get the them both talking vai either the fxo or e/m module on the cisco…what PCI card do i need in the PC…I want it to trunk analog voice traffic only

Can this be done ??

Many thanks

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Can you explain what you’re trying to do a bit better? I’ve got a buttload of Cisco VoIP experience but I’m not sure what you’re aiming for here.


Right…this is what i would like to do…if possible.

Cisco 2620 the NM-2V installed…
Asterisk PBX server…P3 PC with linux etc…

What type of interface cards do i need to install in the two devices above to get them to work (do not want to use ethernet)

The PBX will only be used for analog voice traffic…trunk maybe !!

So…i’m i right in thinking that if i install FXO modules in to both the PC and router…i can get them to talk…



You’d want FXO on one end and FXS on the other. Where you use FXO or FXS depends on how you want it to look to the Asterisk box. If you want it to look like an outside line, use the FXO for Asterisk and FXS in the Cisco router. It will look like an extension to the router.

Why don’t you want to use ethernet?