Hardware Question

I am looking at deploying a number of small office Asterisk Systems over the next few months. I need to look into cost, space savings, and heat issues.

I have been looking at some of the Atom D510 or 330, and in the Mini Rack Mount cases. I am going to use the CF card->Sata for the boot drives giving me essentially a solid state system. 2g ram

The Dial Plans are basic DID/Outgoing VoIP plans, no recording, voicemail, or even ivr functions, all this is handled centrally…

Any estimate/ideas of how many G.729 calls this type of system is likely to to max out at? Bandwidth planning is done w/ uncompressed calls, but actual calls will use G.729 compression, we do this for assured quality of service for the calls.

Not looking for an exact science here, just a starting point so we can do our resource planning.