Hardware help

I am new to asterisk and I have to configure a server with the following scenario:

  OUT                  SERVER             LAN

-------ISDN---------- | | ---------SIP - PHONES -----------
-------SIM - BANK— |__|

what i tried to explain here is that I have 1 ISDN line and it will be 1 SIM BANK and I have to configure a dialplan for the phones inside my lan …

I need your help to choise the hardware for the ISDN line because I am not so sure I make the right choise …

Thanks in advance,

Hello Dragos,

Do you need a hardware for a BRI (2 channels) or PRI(30 channels) ISDN?
What about the SIM bank hardware - do you already choose something?


The ISDN configuration has be canceled for a few days, it’s going to be a 30 simultaneus calls ISDN with 100 phone numbers …

I need to buy a GSM SIM BANK that can support between 30 and 50 phone sim cards and then to connect it to an asterisk pbx and route the numbers from those sims to specific phones in my lan …

and I will have to buy an fxo module if i am not wrong … to attach 4 normal phone lines to the pbx (those phone lines that use rj11 connector) … and route them to my lan to receive calls only on specific local phones …

Thanks a lot again, asterisk people :wink:

for the GSM bank I would recommend to contact Topex - I’m sure they will provide a solution for you.

regarding the analog lines -> you need an FXO port for each PSTN line. One Digium TDM404 or Sangoma A20002 it will be perfect for you. you have to decide if you need PCI or PCI Express.