Hardware for Home/Small Biz in Canada


I’m looking for hardware that I can connect with asterisk, to setup a small biz setup.
Having 4-5 telephones lines, for inbound/outbound calls.
Internal phones will be voip sip phones, so no needs there.
I’m looking for a card or external hardware to connect the 4-5 regular phones lines to, and maybe upgrade to more lines in the future.
I live in Canada, provider is Bell Canada.

Any good cards ? Cards to avoid ?

Or maybe directly switch to VOIP ? (I would prefer not, except if you all convince me ! :smiley:

Thanks Marc

go for a digium tdm400p (with 4x fxo)

Hi Marc - You may want to look at a couple pieces of hardware from TalkSwitch or Epygi. These are mini PBX units that will give your small office a med-large sized appearance.

voipsupply.com/product_info. … cts_id=541

voipsupply.com/product_info. … cts_id=230