Hardware and Driver fcpci, misdn, capi, hisax

at last i spend now a week to figure out what driver to use for my hardware.
At last i have a driver set running - not knowing if it works.

fritz card pci 2.0
since i have a kernel 2.6.24 i found i cant use fcpci ( only suse has a running set i think ) - recompiling did not work correctly.
so i tryed misdn with capi.
i compiled asterisk with chan_misdn.

im realy confused about this driver things.

  1. so can i run fritz with misdn - and is misdn realy the driver?
  2. capi is the application layer so it works with misdn?
  3. why do i need capi if there is allready chan_misdn in asterisk?
    you see im very confused about driver and hardware - how do i test my hardware - so i know the drivers are set up correctly for asterisk and connected correctly to isdn?