Hard Phone is not getting ditected


We have installed and configured TDM400p Digium IVR card and , configured the Astericks Server to connect to the Anolog phone but when we try to connect to the hard phone , the phone is not detected by the system. Which is connected to the IVR port .

We are using the following versions
Cent OS - version 5.4
Asterisks - version 1.4.8
Zaptel - version 1.4.4

we refered the following documentation for the configurations ans installatins , and did not get any errors in the flow.

Please help us as soon as possible as we have done this for several times and could not recognize the exact issue.
We are in a hurry to submit the assignmetn please help us soon as possible.

Thanking You all in advance

You have an obsolete version of Asterisk and a deprecated device driver. As I infer that there is no fundamental reason for this, other than the use of out of date documentation, I’d suggest trying again with the current 1.4.x.x version and with the current Dahdi drivers. The current 1.4 series Asterisk is and the current dahdi is 2.2.0. The most recent zaptel is, but this is probably on security fixes only.

If this still doesn’t work, you will need to provide “dahdi show status” and “dahdi show channel” output, and possibly similar output from the low level Dahdi support tools.


Thanks for a soon reply.

We have found and insatlled all the required drivers and the asterisks server version according to what you have mentioned but we werre unable to find a very appropriate document to follow up the further steps , but we will be able to do the asterisks and zaptel configurations as before but we need the configurations to be done in the dahdi drivers.

Expecting a soon reply as much as possible.
Will be a great help…

zain… :smile: :smile:

Make sure you remove all vestiges of zaptel, as a mixed installation can break Asterisk.

TDM4xxP is the standard analogue line card for Asterisk-Dahdi systems, so configuration should be straightforward, and similar to with zaptel, once you know what the requirements of the systems to which you are connecting it are. The vendor of your card is more likely to know those than I am, and, as it is a Digium card, should know how to configure it with Dahdi.

Note that the instructions you were following are only appropriate for someone using the network operator Linea, in Italy. I don’t know your country, but I suspect it is not Italy. I assume that the TDM400P is no longer a TDM400P, but has appropriate FXO and/or FXS modules.