Hangup calls in queue at a timepoint

like the topic says,i want to hangup all calls in a queue, at 6:00.am.
before hangup these calls, play a voice file and then hangup.
how can do that…thanks for help…

You would need to calculate the remaining time when adding it to the queue and set the timeout accordingly, then playback a message from the continuation of the dialplan after the queue exits.

everyone join the queue at different time, and the queue max timeout is 2 hours.how can calculate every calls,and how can hangup all calls at 6.am at once?

Read EPOCH and calculate the remaining time, then pass it in the parameters to Queue.

It is unlikely that the timing will be 100% accurate. For a start, calls only check the for timeouts every second, and they are not all in phase.

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okay…got it…
is there other way ,like “request hangup…” or some easy way to do it ? i can use system cmd to do?

Use AMI to terminate the calls.

yes, ,that what i want to do with ami.But there are lots of caller in the queue ,how can hangup all the calls with ami?how to find them and before hangup prompt with a wav .

You find them the hard way, by listing the queue.

You redirect them to dialplan that answers, if necessary, and plays the message.

i think you are right…it is better than do it in the system cmd

thanks, and i may be put it in a agi scripts…

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