HandyTone 286 Web config page inaccessible

Before I go and return this thing for being defective, I wanted to make sure other people didn’t have the same problem or that I’m not doing something stupid. I cannot access the web config page for the ATA at all. After figuring out how to get the IP address it pulled from DHCP via the handset, I tried punching in the IP in my web browser. No luck. While the handset is on hook, the ATA just blinks red. When off hook, its solid green.


K. I’ve even tried to set the IP as static, and I still cannot access the web interface.

Sorry. Forgot to mention its a rev 3.0.

I’ve successfully configured the HT286 with the gs-util-3.0 command line tool, so I know the device works. What still really bothers me is why I cannot access the web interface for the device. Has anyone else had a similar experience?