h323Trunk to Asterisk through Cisco router to Avaya Definity

Hi, I currently use a cisco 3662 router with a T1 to trunk 23 channels into a DS1 card on a Avaya Definity G3Si PBX, to connect to other routers to run analog lines hanging off the far end routers. These connections are running over H323, is there any way to take part of that T1 going to the PBX and create H323 trunks to Asterisk?

Why are peoples PBX configuration SO complicated - what ever happend to the simplist solution being the best… :smile:

Well… we didnt have the money for an IP card in our PBX, but we had the equipment to run it this way… and it works. It really isnt complicated on the PBX side… the cisco side gets a bit complex though.

Im just wondering if we can use the existing connection into the network to connect to asterix.

My guess is you could break it out in a channel bank, but I dont know if this is what you mean?

Yep, its broken out into 23 channels that we send as individual stations on the PBX. Then we take FXS ports on our edge routers and send those calls to the individual ports on the core router, which are pointing to the individual channels.

Anyone have any ideas?