h323 gateway / gatekeeper and asterisk


We use opensips as a gateway to know about all our asterisk servers behind it. We do not use it for media just for signaling and so we don’t have to register IPs with our carriers other than our gateway. The opensips will dist the calls across our asterisk servers.

I am looking to build the same setup with h323 protocol. So i don’t know if i need a gateway or gatekeeper or what software can perform this function. I’ve read h323.conf can be setup to handle the call which is great but what should I use for the “gateway”?




I don’t work with H323, so I won’t be able to offer any additional information… it appears that this project would be the equivalent of OpenSER/OpenSIPs in the H323 world.

Stay far away from ooh323 in Asterisk. It will crash your system nice and often if you use it well :wink: