GXW 4008 Ring Back

Hi everyone

Has anyone had wierd ring back calls in GXW 4008 without any reason?

Firmware upgrade solve the problem

Hi kostas_dak!
I think I’m having the same problem with a GXW4104…
I dial a number and some milliseconds after having send the call the phone ring and on the display I read that the caller number is the same number I’ve dialed one second before…
and this happens only sometimes.
Is it the same problem that you had last year?

Yes . this is the same i had
Until now i already update the asterisk and the firmware of the phone gateway many times .
I solve this problem but others came up like slow response when answer
( for example every time i answer the phone i have to wait 1sec to fully openm the audio stream and then speek otherwise the first word i speek never gets to the other side of the line and some times they freeze and i have to rebbot the device )

My experience is that this GXW4008 is not so stable devices and needs alot of configuration in FAX issues and DTMF sending . But its cheeper than 8 x GXP2000 .
Thats the all thing , i just deal with this , i cant do anything more .