Peer gateway issue

Hi there!

I’ve got problems making a GXW4108 gateway with asterisk. I followed all the existing tutorials but still, no success. Need your help!

Here is what I want to do:

Link my GXW4108 gateway with Asterisk, so that all my external calls (incoming and outgoing) are going through my gateway. My FXO lines being connected to it. That’s it. So for example, when I dial 9 9613 3214 on my IP phone, Asterisk takes the call and make it through my GXW4108 FXO lines! Easy?

Here is what I do so far:

Under sip.conf:

host= (GXW4108 address)

Under extensions.conf:

exten=_9NXXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@101) (I’ve also tried with (SIP/101/${EXTEN} as well as exten=_9NXXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@

GXW4108 config

Everything is default, except:
-Profile 1 :
SIP server to (Asterisk srvr address)
SIP Registration to NO
-FXO lines :
Wait for dial tone to YES
Stage method to 1

On my phone
When I dial 9 9645 2145, I get:
“Call failed
Reason code: 503”

Thanks a lot for your help! My hair is turning gray…

No ideas, anyone?

It is better to post the output of asterisk , then we can find out why this call failed. for wrong config on asterisk or for wrong on GXW. that is the clue.


How can I get the output of asterisk? (I’m using asteriskNOW)

I’ve just tried using exten=_9NXXXXXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN}@ in my dial plan… Still not working… Need help!

Thx !

Help plz! :confused:

exten=> ( It lacks the “>” )
try to turn on the registration …
give as what the CLI display when you call this number…

Thanks for your help. I finally found my problem:

The “Prefix to Specify Port(1 stage dialing method)” was set to 99. In my dial plan I use 9 as a prefix for outbound calls, and Hong-Kong mobile phone numbers start with 9 most of the time. Thus, I was dialing numbers starting with 99 and the gateway was using this “Specify port” function instead of making a normal call.

I am trying to setup a similar gateway GXW4104, but i cant get it to work my setup is the same have a look:





what i get on the log is:

[May 2 19:58:19] NOTICE[4126] chan_sip.c: Call from ‘201’ to extension ‘96318163’ rejected because extension not found.

Can you help me please

Can you tell me what are the settings on the GXW side; in its channel setting?

its your context have you created this in the extension.cnf file ??
if yes then what i can understand is that you are dialing from ‘201’ ext to out bound make sure that the Dial plan outbound_calls has been selected for user ‘201’…

Check out the peers is 301 online?? in CLI type commnad Sip Show peers. :astonished: :astonished: