Guidance on suitable raspberry pi model and GSM dongle for inbound/outbound calls in India

Hello all

I have a need to setup ippbx for a medium sized use case approx 10-20 concurrent calls within the IP extensions, was planning to use rasperry pi with asterisk+freepbx do suggest which model will be suitable for use as was thinking raspberry pi 3b, also wanted to have the asterisk connected to GSM for outbound/inbound ,please suggest cheap and suitable modems that happen to work without any issues and is easily available here in India…thanks

If by dongle, you mean using mobile voice over something like chan_dongle there are currently no supported channel drivers for this. chan_dongle has never had any official status, and appears to have no current maintainer.

The preferred solution is to use a separate SIP to mobile air interface gateway device.

The standard answer to sizing questions is that you have to benchmark.

You should note that the raspberry pi is a hobbyist device, and may have reliability issues if used as critical business infrastructure. In particular, you need to use top end SD cards, with good wear levelling.

I think some of the commercial modules for FreePBX require Intel/AMD architecture and there is some code in Asterisk will will be unoptimised on other architectures. DAHDI is not compatible with RPI, but you haven’t indicated any need for that.

Whilst, personally, I think it is a mistake to make a business over-reliant on constant internet connectivity, most small users seem to use Asterisk in the cloud, with SIP connectivity to the outside world.

There are small PCs designed for professional embedded use, although not as cheap as the Pi.

thanks a lot plz suggest what will be the most cost effective sip GSM gateway to go for any brand that is easily available here in India also is it suitable for PSTN gateway as option, I was thinking of cloud as well but since my needs are infect minimal and and a low system deployment minimal resources I was looking for so pi 4/3b was in my mind also do guide me with embedded pc meeting the needs

GoIP is a cheaper product to repalce chan_dongle…even if the prices are rising…
check Aliexpress or similar…

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