NewBie -set up Asterisk on Raspberry Pi for Long dist. calli

Hi All,
I m just newbie in the asterisk and VoIP field.
Somewhere in class my prof. said that I can set up asterisk on small machine and get SIP trunk with that and you can make cheap long distance calls.

Basically I want to set up Asterisks on Raspberry Pi (Which will be easy with many other tutorials )
after that I want to get SIP trunk for calling INDIA from Canada.

can somebody help me with little hint or something so that I can go ahead and do some more research accordingly.


This is very basic use. Please come back when you have specific problems. Most people succeed in doing this without assistance.

However, note that, unless you want the facilities that a PABX provides, it is much easier to directly connect a SIP phone to such services.

The one thing that might cause you problems is that you really need control of all the routers to up to where you have a public IP address, as your main problems are likely to do with the NAT and firewall behaviour of the routers.

Also please note that this a discussion forum, not one for asking (support) questions.