GSM Files choppy

Hi -

In my application I am converting voice 44khz wav files to GSM files encoded with Sox at a sample rate of 8kb. On playback through asterisk on an outgoing call sometimes the playback gets choppy. I’m pretty sure it’s not voicepulse but perhaps a config setting somewhere, or the fact that I should be encoding at 13kb instead of 8kb. Note that sometimes playback is very smooth with no choppyness at all. I have ensured that gsm is the default allowed codec in the conf files and have confirmed this by monitoring the outgoing calls in asterisk.

Any suggestions on things to test?


Playback the files outside of Asterisk. Are they choppy there?


Not choppy outside of asterisk.

Oh and inbound recorded messages playback fine too, it’s just the gsm files converted with sox, which is weird.