GSM codec

I know that i must be doing something wrong but maybe you guys can help me!. In my sip.conf i have allow=gsm and on my grandstream phone i have it set to use gsm. when it dials the number the ringing is very choppy . am i supposed to configure somewhere else? sorry if i sound dumb but i kicked trixbox to the curb and want to do everything pure asterisk now. Thanks.

nope, that’s everything you need.

make sure you’re not running X-windows, that any digium hardware is on it’s own IRQ, and that your CPU and network aren’t being overutilized by any other processes.

here is an in-depth guide to troubleshooting sound issues: … noise.html

also look here - there is a note on the budgetone framing size that might come in handy: … +budgetone