GSM/CDMA wireless modem adapter support in Asterisk

I am new to Asterisk. I was wondering why asterisk not support GSM wireless modem adapter as FXO call terminator.
I can use this adaptor in windows for internet as well as for making calls,
why not to be use it in linux and Asterisk.

The only thing I found while googling is chan_mobile, which is an Asterisk Channel Driver to allow Bluetooth Cell/Mobile Phones to be used as FXO devices, and Headsets as FXS devices.

If bluetooth can be used, why not usb port for mobile and gsm/cdma adaptors.

Because no-one with the necessary skills has felt it important enough to write an open source driver for the device.

One possible specific problem is that hardware vendors often do not publish the information needed to interface to their devices (the programming model). This makes writing an open source driver rather difficult.

Although often the reasons is unfathomable, one reason for not releasing this information is that a product sold under one brand name may actually be different products at different times, and require completely different drivers. Vendors often want to hide this fact. Webcams are an example of a product that often has variants with completely differen underlying technology, but the same brand name.

Dear Friends,
After long googling, I found this site in german about making Asterisk and GSM bring together.


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