Asterisk and GSM

Any suggestion of ways to integration Asterisk with GSM capabilities ? Cost effectiveness is key here, it seems of most the solutions are pretty expensive … Is there a way to do this with a GSM modem ?


One way for integration is using GSM modem and FXO or FXS cards from Digium or other provider.
We did termination with Thuraya Satellite modems some time ago.

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Is there any special requirements needed on the gsm modem for it to be usable on FXS/FXO ? I supposed connectivity wise, the GSM modem will have to be RJ 11 in ? But it seems from search the net, most of the GSM modems are with RS232 in ( seems to be meant for Data usage instead of voice usage ).

Thanks once again.

If you can connect “normal phone” to GSM modem, this mean GSM modem has FXS, and it could be connected to FXO module of Asterisk, using RJ11.
I don’t know too much about GSM modems - we used Thuraya modem, which had FXS and FXO - and we had choice to use FXO or FXS.
Although I worked around 1 year with those modems- even now I am not sure when we have FXS and FXO…
Modem we used, supported reverse polarity - important if you want to know status of call, length of call etc.