Greetings before transfer call to Ext

Hello all Asterisk Experts there!!!

I’m new to Asterisk, And I’ve on confusion with my IVR, I’m using Elastix for Office PBX, I’ve one IVR setup for our main line and working fine without any issue, I just wanted to add something like this:

If someone dial direct extension during IVR greeting it just transfer call to certain ext., Is there any way I play greetings before it transfer call to ext. like “You’re being transferred to Mark(Voicemail Name)”.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Elastix is not supported here. In native Asterisk you call Playback before Dial.

Thanks for reply David,

Can you please give me exact context,


  1. That is likely to depend on details of Elastix, and certainly depends on your existing dialplan.

  2. This is a peer support forum, not a free consultancy forum. An understanding of basic dialplan programming is expected of anyone requesting support.