Got SIP response 488 "Not Acceptable Media"


For one of my SIP trunks i receive error:
– Called trunk_halonet/0801300800
– Got SIP response 488 “Not Acceptable Media” back from
– SIP/trunk_halonet-081fec80 is circuit-busy

Trunk have:
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
allow = gsm
allow = ilbc
allow = g726

Where is the problem ?


looks like a codec negotiation issue. what codecs does your ITSP support ? some only accept g729 to keep bandwidth use down as far as possible.

My ITSP supports g729,
when for that trunk i typed:

i receive errors:
– Executing [0801300800@numberplan-custom-1:1] Dial(“IAX2/6000-2”, “SIP/trunk_halonet/0801300800”) in new stack
[Mar 16 13:13:50] WARNING[17031]: chan_sip.c:2821 sip_call: No audio format found to offer. Cancelling call to 0801300800
– Couldn’t call trunk_halonet/0801300800

Why ? What’s wrong ?

do you have a codec installed to provide g729 trnaslation ? at the CLI> enter “show translation”, no numbers in the g729 column means “no”.

your ITSP should be able to tell you what codecs they support, that’s where you should start.

Thanx, i did not have, i installed it and it’s working fine:)