Got 200 OK on REGISTER that isn't a register

Got 200 OK on REGISTER that isn’t a register

The problem is that the sip provider is not responding quick enough to the register request. Probably because we are going through a 2 way satellite link which takes at least 650ms. Asterisk believes the registration failed but when then the reply comes Asterisk is no longer looking for a reply so gives the above error message.

How do I tell asterisk to wait longer for the register request to complete? Is there a timeout parameter that I can set?

I am using Asterisk 1.4.7

I think you should use “registertimeout”.


registertimeout = Number : Number of seconds to wait for a response from a SIP Registrar before classifying the SIP REGISTER has timed out. Default 20 seconds. (New in v1.2.x).

Hope this works.