chan_sip.c:5508 sip_reg_timeout error in asterisk

I have installed asterisk and when I try to register my sip provider it gives me this error: chan_sip.c:5508 sip_reg_timeout error

Please let me know how I can resolve this problem.

I have the same problem. My SIP provider works fine if i add to to one of my Grandstream phones.

There seems to be alot of un-answered posts about this.

can somebody help us ?? :exclamation:

The error means that there was no response to a register request. That means one or more of:

  • you are sending it to the wrong place;
  • a firewall is blocking it, or the response;
  • you have not configured NAT properly and the recipient is sending the response to the wrong place;
  • you are using NAT, but you do not have it properly configured to pass replies to 5060/UDP to your Asterisk box.