Google voice inbound problem


Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
Asterisk 1.8.3
FreePBX 2.9beta

I have setup a separate google voice account that I do not log into via the google interface. With asterisk/FreePBX my outbound gvoice works fine. I have setup my gvoice settings to foward to my google chat acct.

When I call my google voice number from a landline it rings once, I see the call come in via asterisk CLI and FreePBX monitoring, and then FreePBX SIT tone kicks in with ss-noservice.ulaw the number is not in service. If I call from my cell phone I get the google voice automated IVR that prompts for a 4-digit pin to access v-mail. I log into my gvoice account afterward (not logged in while calling my gvoice number) and it has logged the inbound call from the land line, and time stamps it as a minute long, but does not log my call from my cell. So I’m a bit confused as why two different things happen when calling from two different phone numbers.

What would be the reason FreePBX/asterisk would activate a SIT tone after the inbound call has come in, rings once, produces the sit tone and then hangs up?

Here are my google voice entries I’ve made in the following configs:


[my gvoice login id]
secret=my gv password


exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,n,Wait(2)
exten => s,n,SendDTMF(1)
exten => s,n,Dial(SIP/my gv id,20)


DID: my gv number
CallerID: my gv number
Destination: Extension 1001 (my normal extension)

I figured it out. It was pretty simple:

All the configs I mentioned were correct. In FreePBX inbound routes I had to leave callerid (under DID Number) blank. That allowed any inbound call from any caller id come through

Found another issue, hopefully someone can help me:

If I log into a separate google voice acct and try to call the acct I have setup in asterisk it won’t connect. If I call from my cell, it goes to google voicemail, but if I call from a land line it rings through? Any ideas on that?

I was able to get all land lines to be able to dial my Asterisk Google voice number, but for some reason a GV number trying to call my asterisk/gv number never connects.

I’d be glad to help you out. I have a working asterisk 1 .8 ( with FreePBX) and Google Voice for about 3 months now.
You need to post these items.

  1. gtalk.conf
  2. jabber.conf
  3. extensions_custom.conf
  4. in the asterisk CLI do an ’ jabber show connections ’ # post this