Google Voice has terminated xmpp

Hey all. It appears, with little fan fare (IMO), that Google has ended support for XMPP as of June 18th, 2018.!topic/voice/NYRy5U31o98

I noticed around that time that I could no longer make outbound calls despite not changing anything on asterisk. At this point I also seem to be unable to receive incoming calls.

Is there anyone who can make some sense of what’s going on and explain if there’s any way to use asterisk with google voice at this time? It almost seems like they have cut it off at Google’s side.

I’m currently running v13 and using legacy password authentication rather than oauth. Thanks!

There is a change up for review, and on github[1], that a community member has done to add support to PJSIP for the Google flavor of doing things. I highly urge everyone to re-evaluate things though. The ITSP market has driven prices further lower, and the cost of having an actual supported solution with support you can call upon is not expensive.


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Alas I’m still seeing it about $20/mo which is what it was in 1997. I’m glad some work is being done on this however. I’ve been pretty happy with the results of using google voice overall (in particular the cost!) :slight_smile:

I was really surprised not to see any posts about this when I searched the forums. Even searched for “gvsip” and found nothing. It must be a much less common configuration than I thought. Thanks!

That depends on what you’re looking for. Flowroute is inexpensive, as is Telnyx, and Callcentric is a bit more but they provide greater functionality. I personally pay about $1.75/mth for my usage with incoming and outgoing.

Even with this new Google Voice support yet again they could change something, break it, or restrict it in some way. It’s still not a supported configuration by them.