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Asterisk 17

Could someone verify if this is true or it worked for you?

Did Asterisk development team find a way to use gvoice without XMPP? I’ve check ASTERISK-27971 and it appears there is a new way. I wanted to confirm if it worked for anyone? I know the XMPP worked back in early 2018. I search far and wide on the WWW regarding this issue and I found the following articles below and a few way regarding oAuth and PyGoogleVoice which apparently work for a short time. I do know about the obitalk method but preferably if there is a work around without it, that would be awesome.

I know google discontinued the XMPP at the end of 2018 which ended the free sip from google and I know about their TOS regarding abusing. Im not using this for production just small hobby projects.

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