Google Voice and SLA


I have configured my asterisk to work with Google Voice.

Now, I want to activate SLA feature so I know if some one using Google Voice.

I did that with Skype by using the hint as below:

exten => SLA1,hint,Skype/myskypeuser

and it is working fine.

So, how to do the same with Google Voice?


did you ever figure this one out, and I’m trying to do the same thing, and having a tough time understanding the directions on how to get sla to work.

Running 3 mitel 5220’s, one google trunk auto configured through the piaf gv module,
No fxo/pstn or any other conectivity

so far I have blf working but just can’t figure out the sla side. and yes the phones support Shared line just the code seems confusing to me especially when trying to figure out how to trigger subscribe to the google line… if that makes any sense

any help is welcome