SLA problems

I believe i have the basic SLA configuration working quite well. I am stuck trying to get two polycom soundpoint ip’s to subscribe to the line state. Has anyone successfully setup a 601 with SLA? It seems like no matter what I do, it either doesnt try to subscribe or it trys to register the line state as a actual device. If any info is needed on how I have things setup I can happily send that info along. Thanks in advance for any help!

you asked so I ask :smiley:

Yes, I would be interested in your setup.
What version of Asterisk are you using?
What kinds of phones - Grandstream?
What do you mean by working well?
How well can you really replicate a key based system?
How about other aspects of Asterisk 1.4 - voicemail integration? Is that
working reliably?
How about freepbx integration?