Polycom + Asterisk SLA... sigh

I have exhausted myself trying to research how to implement shared line appearances using Polycom phones, asterisk, and an analog line.

Some people say it can be done, others disagree. Has anyone successfully gotten the sla feature to work on a Polycom with Asterisk?


Hi Matt,

Any progress on SLA implementation with Polycom phones and asterisk ? In my case, I don’t have analog line, everything is SIP trunk/channels.

I am willing to pay good amount of money if someone can make it working.


The only thing I’ve been able to get working is the BLF lights. The lights display on all phones when a line is in use or when a call is parked in either the first or second lots. However, I haven’t been able to get directed pickup working and I am unable to pick up another phone’s call, the hard button next to the line just speed dials the phone instead of picking up the call.

It seems this is harder than it should be…