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I have been trying to find a great asterisk gui that supports not only the administration side of asterisk, but also has a user friendly side for end-user on the phone. I stumbled across a article yesterday about Druid OSE, the open source edition and quickly downloaded it after seeing some of the screenshots within the article.

I quickly found out that it had exactly what I was looking for as a consumer to provide a single unified interface to the end-user ( our staff ). As I turned and evaluated the system it was very easy to update the system, make changes and load user information from our active directory. It made the hassle of adding new extensions and device provisioning a breeze. All of our phones run in a single subnet for isolation and security of the phones and once I added the server to the vlan that the phones were in, it auto-provisioned every single phone and all I had to do through the gui was attach them to an extension.

I was completely amazed at the ease of use that this provided. So I tried the faxing that is integrated in the system and it worked flawlessly full me as well and I only had to enable it through the admin gui. The other thing was the ability to have a deskphone and a softphone logged in to the same extension simultaneously. This worked perfectly as well, I logged in with a soft phone using my extension and voicemail password and then had someone dial my extension. The deskphone and the softphone rang at the same time.

Another part was the complete unification of it all. If i change my voicemail password, then it updates every component of the system to use the new password; from the user gui, softphone, jabber client. It worked flawlessly for me.

I just thought that with something this wonderful out there for use that they do deserve a bit of praise. I have used trixbox for so long, but have never liked the interface and the multiple steps that it has taken to provision phones and make sure everything is working properly. After using trixbox for so long, I believe I can finally say so long!

You can download druid ose at

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vi seems to be the best. Also please don’t double post :wink: