1.4 GUI or Druid or whatever?


Currently running 1.2.6 Asterisk in a 20 user enviroment connecting via Snom IP phones and then an ISDN30 channel to the PSTN. Use DDI numbers and several queues

Currently all mainly configured by config files, but looking at the gui in 1.4 or druid to enhance the functionality of the solution.

In particular would be great to be able to have the following functions.

  1. Individual users abillity to see there own CDR files, and play back the associated recordings of these calls (there own only!)

  2. Easy to setup ‘virtual extensions’ - i.e. give fred an extension of 201 and then when 201 is called ring his deskphone (207), home number and cell, then allow pickup on the nearest number

Any thoughts comments etc on which is better?

Also from a call stats perspertive - anyone got a view on Asterisk Guru call stats vs. Queue Metrics to enable answering of the normal ‘call centre’ questions - i.e. total number of answered calls, % answered in 10 seconds, % abandonded etc…

thanks for feedback.