Multiple Calls to the same extension

Hi Guys,

I’m sorry if this is the right place to send this but i couldn’t find a more suitable place. I Want to have my Soft-phone able to receive multi calls at the same time. so when i’m having a call i get a notification that another call is waiting so i can put one on hold and take the other. is that possible ?

I’m using Elastix as my PBX solution.

The full case is that i have a call center with maybe at some time we will have a small number of agents so i want the agent able to answer a call to say some thing like " We will call you back" and resume the original call. Is that possible and should it be like this or from the call center prospective this is not recommended ?

Thanks in advance.

Asterisk will do this in a default SIP configuration (you (or your GUI) have to take positive steps to prevent it offering multiple calls). Whether you can actually do it depends on the phone.