Asterisk 10.3 & Swift seg fault

Hello all. I am having some issues with app_swift.

What I have:
Asterisk 10.3 built from source
cepstral swift 6.0.1
Centos 5.8 64bit all updates and patches
app_swift from

I have this portion of my dial plan:

same => n,Queue(PS,c,300)
same => n,Swift(We would like to make sure your experience was a good one, If you would like to take a survey about your call please press one|5000|1)
same => n,ExecIF($[${SWIFT_DTMF}=1]?GoSub(subSurvey,Survey,1)

I know it isn’t complete but this is the relevant portion.

What I am trying to do is to continue on with the dial plan after the caller has hit the queue and has talked to an agent. Right now if the agent hangs up it does continue on, but when it tries to run the swift app Asterisk segfaults.
If I remove the “c” option from the queue I don’t get the segfault, but naturally I don’t get the desired response either. I know it is swift causing the issues because if I add a playback(goodbye) right after the queue I hear goodbye, then segfault when hitting swift.

Does anybody have any words of wisdom ?

If it helps give anybody any ideas I have tracked it down to just happening when using ULAW codec.