Getting PostFix to work

This is my first post and I am a total NEWB, but I have come along way on my own (thank you google & irc #trixbox, #freepbx). But I’ve hit a wall with setting up PostFix to e-mail me my VoiceMail Messages…

I should preface by saying I am running trixbox 2.2.4/FreePBX 2.2.3/Asterisk 1.2.23 on a VM (Parallels), I have yet to have acquired a SIP provider (so I am just making calls using softphones to extensions for testing), and I am using DynDNS, and so far everything has been working fine, except PostFix…

I’ve already disabled/removed sendmail and replaced it with PostFix… But I think the problem I am having is that my ISP (comcast) requires AUTH (username/password) to send via SMTP, and there is little information on how to setup an SMTP server w/ AUTH on postfix… I have found a few interesting articles [1][2] but they go over my Newb head. Especially the part that reads: [quote]Then run postmap on this file to generate the hashed .db file that Postfix uses[/quote]
Are there any open SMTP servers I could just use to send these VM messages? That way I wouldn’t need to setup AUTH for postfix.

Also it gets confusing on what to put in for /etc/postfix/ : myhostname? Like I said I running this on a VM but I’ve setup my router to give it a static LAN IP, and I’ve port forwarded SIP ports and RTP. I also have a DynDNS account setup because I don’t have a static WAN IP address from my ISP. So do I put that in myhostname, i.e.

Thanks in advance for any/all help on this,


Figured it out, Thanks to #freepbx (uforgotten) … rvers.html