Getting caller id from Asterisk Manager API

Hi All,

I’ve been developing a plugin for firefox to give click to dial and incoming caller recognition… The click to dial component is working well enough, but the incoming caller id is causing me some headaches. I’m using AJAX and am polling the Astman Proxy for handset status to determine when it’s in use (working fine). When in use, I then need to then determine the source of the incoming call. From what I can see, in order to get this, I need to:

  • Call the dommand “Show channels” and parse it for any that match my extension.
  • Get details channel info with “Show Channel XXXXXXX”. From here, I think I can get the incoming number from the parameter CALL CONFIRM CID.

This seems like quite a convoluted way of getting the incoming caller id - is there a simpler way to do this via the manager API?