Is it possible routing DID number(GSM) to SIP trunk?


I have created trunk between two asterisk box it seems to be working fine for conference. I can able to make conference between two asterisk box through,here comes the problem i have created a gsm trunk for conference in one box .so, when i call from outside number to that particular number eg:gsm number the call should go through sip trunk and it should reach the conference bridge of another box. I have one more question is it possible to send DID number through sip trunk.waiting for reply…

Of course. It is a very basic thing to do.

Thanks for reply . This was the scenario i was working on .I have two Asterisk boxes A and B which are conected through sip trunk.In box A i have created gsm inbound trunk and set the destination as sip trunk .I created conference bridge in box B.So,here in box B i have created inbound trunk so that if i call to that gsm number(in box A) the call will pass through the gsm trunk in box A and it will reach the conference which i have created in box B through SIP trunk.Can u tell configuration for these scneario(in box B).waiting for reply

See and/or look at extensions.conf.sample.

If you need such basic dialplans writing for you, you should expect to pay for them, in which case you should be making the request on the Biz and Jobs forum.